And She’s Off

Day of departure people and I’m off like a shot.


Made by mama and pretty representative of what I’m feeling .

Saying goodbye to the family was hard. Felt like I was just starting to get used to idea of living at home. Thankfully I’ve already said goodbye to many of the amigos so all the goodbyes aren’t hitting me at once.

There is a mixture of “WOOOOOO” and “Why the heck did I think I could do this”. Thankful to say it’s mostly the first one. I’m praying the Lord will see me through on this one and the excitement doesn’t fade into anxiety.

I have heard many a sentiment that this time time will be life changing. Kind of puts a pit of pressure on the situation, but I can’t help but think they’re right.

My first official order of business in Denmark isn’t until the 23rd of January. This affords me the opportunity to make a little pit stop in Iceland. I will accompanied by a good friend of mine, Taylor (pictured below).


Regardless, I am pumped to spend the next 3 days traveling the “Land of Fire and Ice”. Planning to visit blue lagoon and the golden circle while staying with one of Taylor’s friends in Reykjavík.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this small excursion. Until then, favell US!


Saddled up with a fanny pack, a backpack and two checked bags. Think I’ll be okay?


4 thoughts on “And She’s Off

  1. Best wishes on your adventure in Denmark, have a great time. Our daughter Tessa did her Junior Year of college in Italy, it was a wonderful and great educational experience.


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