Last picture with the family (minus Noelle)

Iceland Day 1:

We landed safely in Iceland at 6:30 am (12:30 am central time).  Getting our luggage and hopping on the bus was straight forward. After a bit of walking around (AKA dragging my two checked suitcases) we found the house of Taylor’s friend Josie.

After a quick nap on Josie’s kitchen bench, Taylor and I headed out for breakfast and a walking tour of Reykjavik. The money here is 1000 Kroner to $8.8 so trying to figure out how much things are has been a bit of a struggle. It’s kind of like a fun guessing game. Thankfully, the walking tour was free.


The tour’s final destination is the opera house of Reykjavik (shown above), this really cool building with the exterior designed to look like a combination of fish scales and northern lights. It’s just been really cool to be surrounded by people from all different countries. Iceland is becoming more and more of a tourist destination so I’ve been hearing accents from all around the world.


Another stop on our walking tour. There were about a billion geese.

Taylor and I got picked up by another one of Taylor’s friends Maxsen. The three of us then headed to the Blue Lagoon, a famous hot spring known for its healing powers. (Much needed in my case due to how sick I’ve been feeling.) We spent an hour and a half swimming and getting face masks.

When we got back to Reykjavik we were more than ready for dinner. I had told the boys I wanted soup so when we passed a sign that said the sign said “best soup in town” that was the end of it. Turns out soup was all that was on the menu. That was just fine with me though. I don’t know if the picture does it justice, but the soup and bread combo was amazing.soup

Besides the sickness, I’ve been battling, Iceland has been nothing short of incredible. Definitely a bit chilly, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. More adventures to come!more-geese


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  1. Wonderful to hear from you and to see you in photos. You are in our thoughts and we pray that you’re back to feeling 100% again.


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