Land of Fire and Ice Part III

Iceland Day 3:

Our last full night in Iceland we desperately wanted to see the Northern lights, but Maxsen had a 6:30 flight. That didn’t stop us from driving back into the golden circle, this time under the cover of darkness.

The radar has said the lights were going to be active, but as we continued to drive we lost confidence as we saw the rainclouds overhead.  Although our adventure last late into the night, it proved fruitless.


Saturday morning I got to sleep in a bit as I had made plans to go horseback riding the next day, but wasn’t scheduled to get picked up until 11:30. I took my time showering and grabbing a Skry yogurt. This is another thing Iceland is famous for, but my favorite part is the little spoon that comes with it 🙂

The bus picked me up and brought me to Ishestar stables where I was checked in and found myself some raingear. This place was about the cleanest barn I’d ever seen AND it had free hot chocolate!


Soon after we received the safety talk, my group (the Viking tour) headed out. I was given Sproti (“magic wand”) the Icelandic horse. He is probably the most adorable horse I’ve ever ridden. In case you are interested, here are some fun facts about the Icelandic horse I learned from my guide:

  • The Icelandic horse is it’s own breed, originating from the Vikings, when all different breeds of horses were brought to Iceland.
  • They have thick necks, thick feet, are a relatively small horse breed, yet incredibly strong.
  • The average horse can hold 11% of it’s own body weight, while the Icelandic horse can hold 33%.

Basically, this is the most BA breed out there. Except for the fact that they’re highly intolerable to disease, especially mosquitos. Anywho, BEST TRAIL RIDE EVER! As demonstrated by my happy mud covered face. It’s the price you pay for fun.img_0349

Dinner was an Icelandic hot dog which has crunchy onions, a cream sauce, and a light mayo. It was SO GOOD! I have to tell you guys, Icelanders have some pretty bomb stuff going on here.IMG_0354.JPG

At this point I’m writing from my Danish residence, meaning I’ve arrived safely, but I will give details on that later. Thank you to all who have kept up with me this far, it’s only just beginning!


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