We Made It!

Denmark Day 1

So here I am. I made it folks. Just about barley is what it felt like.

I stayed up way too late the night before we left, leaving me with two hours of sleep to get through the day of travel.


Taylor and I made it to the airport with only a bit of panic figuring out the buses. The Icelandic airport was actually one of the most painless things to get through. They have staff everywhere and security took a total of 10 minutes to get through!

I slept just about the entire plane ride over, even tried to fight it to watch this view, but quickly fell back asleep.img_0398

Once Taylor and I arrived, the trouble began. We could not figure out for the life of us which bus to take, and our phones would not connect to the airport wifi. We finally found what we were looking for and dragged our crap onto the metra.

Once we got to Copenhagen and stepped out onto the cobblestone, I took time to take in the sights. This city is absolutely stunning with cool restaurants everywhere you turn and old architecture lining the streets.

We hauled our way to the bus stop and jumped abroad to ride for what felt like an hour. When we got to the DTU stop we had to lug our gear out and through the campus to make it to the accommodation office. The people inside were very nice and I made the executive call to get a taxi to my place as opposed to another bus.


When I arrived at home sweet home I got to meet my roommates for the semester, or at least one of them. Matt is from the U of I and is studying Mechanical engineering. Then there’s Melonie, a grad student studying chemical engineering, but she’ll only be here for the next week before my long-term roommate comes back.

After taking time to settle in, Taylor, Matt and I went grocery shopping and then later met a lot of the Madison people downtown to watch the pitiful packers game.


There was definitely some emotion today with the finality of moving and making it here, but tomorrow begins the college experience and I cannot tell you how pumped I am!


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