New Kid On The Block

Denmark Day 2:

Here’s the before picture of my room:


I add the after once I have enough decoration to make a difference.

Today was the first day of our orientation and I actually found it a big relief. Finally getting to see a roomful of other international students in about the same boat that I am gave me some serious room to breathe.


Matt and I had a little trouble with the bus system this morning. It runs on these preloaded cards, so I bought one yesterday. This morning however, it did not have enough money on it to get us to DTU. So we asked the driver if he wouldn’t mind waiting and went to fill up our cards. When we came back 3 minutes later, he was pulling away from the station. That was a bit unfortunate.

We ended up walking the rest of the way (a 40-minute walk for us). Believe it or not we actually weren’t too late. When we arrived, 250 some students were chatting at tables, talking to one another. I was assigned group 23 with about 7 other people.


A lot of the world is represented in our group starting from the left is India, Norway, Italy, USA, Australia, Scotland, and ends with me, another American. We spent most of the day doing team building activities and learning a bit more about campus. The pictures below show my team constructing a bridge that is supposed to hold as many jugs of water as possible. Our group got 4 on there while I think the winners got 10…



The day lasted until about 4 (16 in Danish time) and I was pooped. I took a bus home immediately to eat dinner and get more administrative things done. I still must find a bike and get my student visa, but I already feel more settled. If you have any questions about my experiences thus far, you’re always welcome to comment below!


2 thoughts on “New Kid On The Block

  1. How wonderful to see you yukking it up with people from around the world. Can’t wait to see your decorated room my dear. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with us. ☺️


  2. Hi Anners!!! Just caught up on your adventures and wow! Iceland and Denmark (so far) look amazing!!!!!! Try to get some sleep! Looking forward to the next post 🙂


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