Orientation is Afoot

Denmark Day 3/4:

So surprise, today was actually the third day of orientation, and my 4th day here in Denmark. I have been typing my posts the night before and then posting them the next day. That means today is the first day I’m actually caught up-make sense? Good. Let’s get started.

Thankfully, yesterday was actually pretty uneventful so there isn’t too much to type out. I went to the second day of orientation for all the international students, and spent the day listening to two different lectures, one on cultural sensitivity and one on plagiarism. The first one was actually pretty interesting. I had heard a similar talk at the global leadership summit this summer. (If you want to know more, comment below.)


Lunch was purchased in the Kanteen which actually has a ton of healthy options. Not a burger or a French fry in sight, but plenty of salad and vegetable options.


Lots of salad, and the best dang potatoes ever.

The second lecture was a bit more painful and lasted 3 hours. I may or may not have fallen asleep a couple of times during it…


At the end of the day I grabbed a Christmas beer along with some of the others in my buddy group. It’s only 10 kroner (7 kroner in every dollar). I bussed my way home doing some miscellaneous tasks at home I headed off to bed.


Here’s a cool dragon figure inside a smoke/comic shop. I pass this on my way to the bus.

This morning I headed back for day 3 of orientation. They stated a bit late, but we finally got off to a walking tour of the campus being split into our major groups. They don’t have industrial engineering here at DTU, it’s called management engineering (which I actually think is a more suitable name anyway), but we were paired with the design group.


A lot of the buildings on campus are really new. Like this one with a random courtyard.

I now feel as if I have a little bit better bearing of where the campus layout it. DTU’s campus is set up like a big coordinate system, so there’s a street that cuts it down the middle either way, and each of the 4 quadrants have their buildings numbered. The closer the last two numbers get to 0, the closer the building is to the center point.

I ate lunch with a few new friends that I met on the tour. We then prepared ourselves for the afternoon activity which could have been one of many different sport activities. I obviously chose Ultimate Frisbee! It was awesome to be able to throw around for a little bit, and we even got a game of hotbox going where you basically just have to throw to each other inside this little box as many times as you can while another team defends you.

Following that, our group checked out a building on campus called the skylab. It offers a lot of cool technology that we as students are allowed to use at any point. Our team was tasked with “saving the world” from evil kittens and had to construct something out of the leftover stuff. We came up with the Puppy portal as you can see below.


The puppy portal is supposed to release puppies to fight the evil kittens and also has a doggy door so when cats enter, they are turned into puppies.


We were mainly just happy to have something to show at the end of our time.

I finished off the day with a trip to the local Ikea with me and three others. Taylor joined, along with Gulia (she goes to Madison, but is from Brazil) and Ali (a student from Australia). We tried the food in the cafeteria and I have to say, I was a fan.



img_0524*SPECIAL SHOUTOUT* My buddy (The Danish student that has been leading my group this week) read my blog yesterday and was sad I didn’t mention her, so this one goes out to you Sofie! You are about the friendliest Dane I have met since coming here 4 days ago and I feel super lucky to have you as my buddy. Keep on dancing friend 😀

Until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood American signing off!


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