Tour de København

Denmark Day 5:

It’s currently 7:50 am as I begin writing this blog post.

Yesterday was quite the adventure. We spent the day with our buddy groups touring as much of København (Copenhagen the Danish way) as we possibly could. That means this blog is mostly going to comprise of pictures that I took yesterday.

I will tell you that in the morning I got my CPR number, which is the Danish version of your social security. Each Dane has one to carry around in case they need to see a doctor or anything like that. Everything is on the card.


Sophie spent most of the day leading us down streets and into shops, all the while telling us little nuggets of information concerning the city. We stopped for lunch at this little “American” sandwich shop.




This church was lined with statues on either side of the 12 disciples with Jesus in the middle.

More sights to see and explorations to be had…


The tiniest and cutest little coffee shop.


Visiting the botanical gardens.




These swans were pretty sassy.


Dinner was in just about the coolest place every. Its’s called paper island and it’s basically this big warehouse with a bunch of street food inside of it. You can walk around and window shop all the different genres of food. Really cool atmosphere.


After dinner, I decided it was time. I had been messaging this girl on Facebook who was selling her bike. She lives about 20 minutes west of the city, and I had been planning to meet up with her sometime that night. I borrowed my friend’s phone to look up directions and decided to make my over.

It’s been a bit tricky not having any data. This means that the only time my phone can be useful (besides for pictures) is when I’m connected to Wi-Fi. I’ve had to be prepared before I leave a Wi-Fi network with pictures of the directions to get me home, but thus far, I’ve managed.

ANYWAY, I figured out the train system and met Sabrina. We thought one of the tires was completely flat, but after working on it for like 10 minutes, I managed to pump it up and ride it back to Copenhagen! Check out this beaut:


More to come! God bless you all 🙂



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