First Day of School!

Before I dive into my first day of school, I do want to quickly touch on my Sunday. I slept in pretty late again and took a train into Copenhagen. This time around it was to check out a church in town-Hillsong. The worship was really cool and it was just nice to feel the comfort of the service in this new country. I even made a new friend!


img_0727Directly after, I met up with three guys from my buddy group and we headed over to Bastard cafe. If I was to own a coffee shop, it would probably look something like this, with board games lining every wall. We played a couple rounds of codename and then learned a new game called BANG!

We finished off the night with a buffet dinner at a local restaurant. It was only 65 kroner (>$10) so I was pretty pleased with it.

img_0740Today was a bit more stressful. I thought coming into this week that I had all my stuff figured out, but turns out things are a little more complicated. I’m still uncertain if one of my classes is going to be taught in Danish or English, and that outcome will determine what I do with the rest of my week. I talked to mama though, and realize the situation is out of my control.


The hallway of the School’s “union”. This building houses a library, administrative offices, a cafeteria, and gyms.

Other than that, my first class was really good! I think it will be a pretty straightforward stats class. Asher, an Australian from my morning class offered to take a look at my bike (it only had one working gear) and partially fixed it. He then maxed out the kindness and fed me lunch too.


This was one of the options for internationals living on campus. They’re made out of shipping containers.

I accomplished a few things on the way home (i.e. filling my tires and getting groceries) and now I have a night of reading and eating ahead of me đŸ™‚ Peace and love folks!


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