Just Danish Things

Denmark Day 10:

Today was the second day of class people and I am gaining traction! Both classes today felt very manageable and I think will actually be very interesting! The first was Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Services. The professor was a consultant with Deloitte and all the information she’s shared thus far sounds like it’s going to be very relevant.


All of my classes are in 4 hour blocks (sounds awful right?!), but they break them up with these adorable coffee breaks where you can get up and walk around. I tried a cafe vanille from one of the machines for only 6 kroner (>$1).


I got lunch with some of the people from my buddy group and then headed off to round 2. This time, the class was Simulation in Transportation and Logistics. It’s going to teach me all about how to model things like an emergency room or a cafeteria to see how to improve them. REALLY interesting stuff, at least in my opinion 🙂


A little “shop” where you can purchase gummies or cappuccinos. They just have a little tray of money sitting out for students to pay.

I thought I would take the rest of this blog to list some of the observations about Denmark that I’ve observed since coming here. I honestly thought the culture shock would be more intense, but there are certainly some quirks to this little Scandinavian country.

1.Their stop lights flash yellow both before and after the green light. On top of that they also have little mini traffic lights for the bikes.


An example of a little bike light!

2. Speaking of bikes, the bike population here is huge. Almost every rode has a bike lane dedicated to riders. That’s made it really easy for me to navigate by two wheels.

3. Everyone here knows English fluently, but almost everyone speaks in Danish. The only way you’ll hear a Dane speak English is if you address them in Danish, and then it’s like BAM! Perfect english. It’s the weirdest thing to be surrounded by a foreign language, only to find out that everyone can speak your language.


4. Groceries are super cheap and eating out is super not. I bought two jugs of milk, some rolls, salami, cereal and ice cream for less than $10 yesterday, and yet I spent $13 on a meal equivalent to McDonald’s.


Here is a sampling of the Danish coins. They have some coins worth up to $3.

5. Language differences: It’s not called standing in line, it’s called being in the queue. In numbers, every decimal place is a period and visa versa, so 4.0 is written as 4,0 and 25,000 is 25.000.


This is an earlier picture from the botanical gardens downtown.



I’m sure I’ll find more to write about, but there’s a few observations for now. Hope you all had a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Just Danish Things

  1. The stoplight thing makes so much sense! I will remember about cheap groceries for when Brian and I are there. Good luck with your studies and have fun being an honorary Dane!


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