Another Day in Denmark

Denmark Day 11/12:

Yesterday was incredibly relaxing. I think this whole 2-day week thing is going to work out very nicely.


The view outside my bedroom window.

I finally got my classes all situated. The class I had thought was going to be in Danish is actually going to be in English which means every class I’m taking counts for credit back in Madison.

I leisurely woke up at 9:30 yesterday and took my sweet time getting ready. There were a couple things I wanted to accomplish like sending a postcard, figuring out the laundry situation, and buying some groceries. I accomplished those things and then headed to DTU on Jordbær (what I decided to call my bike, it means strawberry in Danish because it has a little bell with strawberries on it).


This is a Danish post box, and I happen to find it adorable.


In the DTU library, I sat down to do some work and was joined by a few fellow exchange students. I soon was off to change and get ready for the FIRST FRISBEE PRACTICE! Unfortunatley I don’t have any pictures to share because I was too busy sweating my butt off, but I had a lot of fun.

A couple of the other players and I headed to the S house afterward to sneak in a quick game of Catan. If you know anything about the game you’ll know there is no such thing as a quick game. AKA we played as long as we could and then packed up. We then trekked to Netto, the on-campus grocery store to grab some things for dinner.



Gourmet dinner of chicken and “hot chips” as Ali, the Australian calls them.

Ended the night seeing Passengers with a few friends at the local movie theater. Surprisingly enough, the only difference between the American theater and the danish one were the commercials before were in Danish, and the movie had Danish subtitles.IMG_0819.JPG

Today was another day of no class (YAY!), so I spent the morning doing laundry and eating lunch with some exchange students. I then took a train in to meet Kayla, a friend from UW.img_0842IMG_0846.JPG

We met at a coffee shop called Cafe Sweet Surrender and there were literally babies everywhere. I think Kayla mentioned them having a mother’s group meeting right before, but I actually think we were the only customers in there without a small child.


Kobenhavn has a lot of really cool street art if you’re paying attention. Even if you’re not, it’s pretty hard to miss.


I’ve been feeling more and more settled as time passes, and definitely able to enjoy more of the city, just for the sake of enjoying the city. Even in the cold, Kobenhavn is absolutely stunning.




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