Just Under 2 Weeks In

Denmark Day 12/13:

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. Woke up to meet Alex and plan a future trip. We still haven’t made any final decisions, but we loosely discussed Spain and Portugal for spring break. I then had another frisbee practice. I can feel it in my legs today, let me tell you.

The night ended with the craziest campus party. DTU is not like UW Madison, or really any US colleges I know in the fact that it has 9 bars on campus. And when I say on campus I don’t mean within walking distance, I mean literally inside the academic buildings! The last place we went to is actually  hosts my Tuesday class. This one wasn’t even a separate bar either, student administration just set one up in the hallway and created a dancefloor in the common space! I had a lot of fun dancing the night away with my classmates and even ran into some of the frisbee guys there.



Foose ball was the big game of the night. I never won, but I had fun watching and playing.


Alejandra, Maitili and I with our expecptionally pink drinks


Today I started the morning decently early. I had signed up to attend a sisterhood brunch at Hillsong the previous week and had an hour train ride to get there. I think I finally feel comfortable with the public transportation here…maybe

When I arrived at the train station I saw another girl with her phone out who looked semi-lost. Turns out she was trying to find the apartment same as me. Her name is Ana and she’s actually originally from Latvia! (I’m 25% Latvian and Riga the capital is on my list of places to visit.)


Breakfast was absolutely phenomenal. It was a massive spread of anything you’d want in a breakfast, from eggs, to banana pancakes, to warm bread and jam. I even tried the liver pate! Turns out when you eat it with bacon it’s not all that bad.


All in all, it was a really filling morning both physically and emotionally. The company was lovely and the conversation was great!

From there, I headed back into the city to meet up with some DTU friends. Alex, Mimi and I toured two of the castles in Copenhagen, Rosenborg and Amalienborg. The first castle is around 400 years old  filled with a ton of cool artifacts. I only got to spend about 45 minutes in it, but what I got to see was pretty cool!


View from the outside of the castle.


We couldn’t quite figure out what this was, but thought it looked cool



This is the throne room


Where I’m the queen…obviously 😉



This is an indication to how foggy it’s been. This is around 2 in the afternoon.

The second one, Amalienborg is the current residence of the royal family. It’s placed in this huge courtyard and the museum itself is only a small portion of it. There are guards at every corner, and we actually got to see them do a guard change at the end!

Mimi and Alex had a lot of interest in going to a buffet and so we actually ended up back at Dalla Valle, the same restaurant I had eaten at the weekend before. You won’t hear me complaining though because the food is really good and not all that expensive.

Announcement: I officially have trip plans for next weekend! Me and 4 other students will be making our way to Brussels for 3 days to explore Belgium and attend the Belgian Chocolate Fair! We plan to use airbnb for lodging, but sometime in the future we might branch out to couchsurfing.

Until next time, wishing you all a wonderful day 🙂



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