Hearing the News

On Monday night I received news that Robbie Granger, a fellow Industrial Engineering Undergraduate at UW Madison passed away. Robbie was a friend of mine. I met him freshman year at a hockey stand for Institute of Industrial Engineers. We instantly got along. Later that semester at the distinguished members banquet he was the only person I knew and gratefully I took the seat he offered me.


He’s laying out the cups next to me in this picture. Similar to the hockey stand where we first met.

Sophomore year we both became officers for Institute of Industrial Engineers. He was the technology chair, and I one of the fundraising officers. I always knew him to be so sweet. A bit on the quiet side,and always just so kind. It was well known that he really cared about people.

We never had a class together, but whenever I saw him in meetings he’d ask me how I’d been. This past semester, a friend and I were on our way to church when we noticed a car, wheels spinning, in a nearby parking lot. We go out to go push it out of the snow bank and just it was freed, we realized it was Robbie in the driver’s seat. He couldn’t exactly stop (for fear of getting stuck again) but he waved through the window. I smiled and waved back. It was such a causal interaction at the time, but looking back now it feels like a gift. That is the last interaction I will ever have with Robbie and it makes me smile to think about.


He died too young. That much is clear. He was such a kind spirit and it’s important to me that the people closest to him know the impact he had. I didn’t even know Robbie too well, but every memory I have of him is a good. You are missed Robbie. And that is never going to change.


Robbie is directly behind me in the grey sweatshirt. We had just finished working a hockey stan.



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