Sunday Funday

The following post was written Sunday night before I heard about Robbie’s passing:

Woke up to head to church at Hillsong again this week. I tried the 11 o’clock service instead of the 1 to stretch my day a bit. Connor and I actually biked into Copenhagen, which was not an easy ride, let me tell you. 45 minutes of me plowing through the rain later and we finally made it.


The church is hosted at Bremen theater, where they usually have Danish stand up comedy. It’s a pretty cool place. We actually saw a guy we knew from frisbee Anders there and ended up sitting with him and another student named Sarah.

At the end of the service we met another American named Sarah as well and invited her to come to coffee with us. We were going to head to this well known coffee shop called the student house, but it turned out there was this big clothes sale there. We decided to head next door and set up there. We ended up staying and talking for the next 3 hours.


If you don’t take a picture of your coffee did you even drink it?

From there I headed straight to the Holte station where I got off with my bike and made my way to my buddy Sofie’s house. Our group was joined by one other and we all made dinner together: Swedish meatballs, roots, and potatoes for the main course and some dang good gluten free apple cake for dessert.


It was amazing to get some doggie time with Sophie’s.


Danish houses have the coolest design.


6 packets of meat later…


Viola! Meat balls, fried by yours truly.


Sofie gave me a neon vest to wear home for safety and I biked the 20 minutes back at around 10:30 pm. Slightly saddened that the superbowl is happening without me watching, but I value sleep too much to stay up for this one. Goodnight world 🙂



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