Get Me to Brussels

Belgium Day 1:

Wow dudes. So I woke up yesterday feeling like I just had so much to do. My flight for Brussels left at 8:50 that night and in between I had to pack, get a phone plan set up, meet a friend to plan spring break, go to a frisbee practice, shower and get as much homework as possible done. 

I actually did end up getting most of those things done, but I kind of just felt like I was running around the whole day. I left my house at 6:50 to meet Ali at the train station. It was snowing like mad, so our train moved real slow and was stoped for 15 minutes at one point.

Someone brought their puppy on the train. People do that a lot here.

We were starting to get a little concerned about time when we hopped on the next metro. The terminal was another 10 minute walk where we had to get our tickets stamped. Thank goodness security was a breeze, but we still had another 15 walk to the gate because we’re flying the cheap airline.

This was dinner. A cheese sandwich and a sleeve of crackers standing in line at the airport. I’ve never tasted anything so good.

Our plane ended up taking off an hour later than expected so we actually didn’t arrive in Belgium until midnight. Then we read a sign that said the last bus had already left. We were about to split a very expensive hour-long cab into the city when we found the ticket desk. THEY WERE SENDING ANOTHER BUS!

We thankfully climbed aboard and passed out for the next hour. When we got into Brussels Ali and I still had an hour walk ahead of us. We hit a construction site that required a detour, but eventually made it.

Tired but still smiling at 2:20 in the morning.

All in all we arrived at around 2:20am and were more than ready for bed.

Today we plan to join the free walking tour at our hostel and check out all the cool graffiti in this city. I’m just thankful to have made it successfully 😀 God bless you all 😀

A Belgian grocery store


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