Beautiful Brussels

Belgium Day 2:

This city has exceeded my expectations. I have heard Brussels referred to as the most boring city in Europe, but I for one am loving it.

Even after Ali and I’s adventure last night, we still found the energy to get up for a guided Tour this morning. The following is a synopsis of all the things we saw:


Each guild in the Grand Place/Market is covered in Gold leaf because they wanted to outdo the other guilds.


One of two buildings that survived the French bombardment.


Fun fact: Victor Hugo finished writing Les Miserables in this square and referred to it as the most beautiful square in the world.



This is our Scottish tour Guide Frasser. He had a passion for this city that is contiguous.


Horsies! 🙂


This is the most famous statue in Belgium. It’s called Mannequin piss. It was constructed because the square where it resides used to be a literal pee market. Leather makers needed ammonium for their hides and we happen to have a lot in our pee. This is also where the term “piss poor” came from. Because if you had no other way to get money, you would sell your pee.


Belgium has the highest comic book artist population % in the world and the city commissioned a lot of murals similar to this one.


This is the Belgian palace. The monarchy basically act as ribbon cutters. Brussels also happens to be where the EU headquarters are. 10% of the population of Brussels works there. Crazy stuff.


The mear selection at a local restaurant. They fried it right there in front of you.


Did you know: French fries are actually Belgian fries. When Americans entered Belgium during WWII they ordered these fried potatoes but overheard people speaking in French and since then they’ve been known as French Fries.


These are our accommodations. Pretty adorable loft apartment.


Ali and I have been loving our time thus far and will be joined tomorrow by some fellow compadres from DTU to go explore Brugge. God bless Yall 😀


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