To Belgium and Beyond!

Brussels Day 3 & 4/Denmark Day…I don’t think I can keep track anymore:

*Fair Warning: This post is longer than usual. Most of it is pictures, so don’t be too scared*

So the rest of the group made it. They caught a late flight Thursday and met Ali and I at the airbnb. We made the executive decision to get up pretty early for a train to Bruges, one of the most historically preserved cities in all of Europe.

For those who don’t know (up until recently this was me), Belgium has a distinctly dutch speaking half in the north and a french speaking half in the south. In Brussels all of the street signs and train stops have translations of both languages. It’s actually a really interesting clash because stereotypically the French are all about presentation and beauty and the Dutch are all about practicality and the market. Somehow this little country makes it all work.

ANYWHO: The trains are notoriously unreliable in Belgium, so we made a friend at the airport who was also headed into Bruges. He sat with us the whole hour ride and told us about his family and growing up in Belgium. We departed with a warm handshake and were off to explore the city.



We love trees!


The hot drinks here continue to impress me. I mean look at that little waffle! So cute!


The city is filled with lots of canals and bridges. Most of them are made of this old brick.


One of the many churches in the city. All of which were really big and beautiful and free to see!


Of course I got excited about the horse drawn carriages.


The view from atop the Belfry of Bruges. Still a lot of clouds, but wonderful.


Belgium is also famous for their beer. We each picked out a bottle to try.


The stained glass in The Basilica of the Holy Blood was absolutely gorgeous.


Just cheesin’ on a bridge.



This is my name spelled completely in Belgian Chocolate.


One of the many delectable treats we devoured on the way home.

We arrived back in Brussels a bit before dinner and decided to have another go around the city.



The waffles were probably my favorite part of the trip. You could find vendors like this one selling them for 2 euros (roughly $2) a piece!


Thoroughly enjoying my waffle alongside a replica of the infamous Mannequin Piss.


We finally made it home and as the picture above demonstrates, we were all pretty pooped. The next morning we chose sites over sleep again and this time headed just north of the city to see some new views.


The train literally felt like a carnival ride at some points with all the colorful artwork.


This my friends is the Atomium, a giant iron molecule built for the world fair in 1958. It also happens to be  science museum that you can go into. The “bonds” are the elevators connecting the different rooms.


The European Parliament building with countries represented by their flags. Hollah at your boy Denmark .


This is the Belgian flag flying proudly beneath the Cinquantenaire arch.

After we had eaten and felt good bidding this city adue, we made our way to the airport. There I ran into a freind of mine from high school, Risha. Crazy how even on the other side of the world, you can still bump into people. (Maybe this semester the chances are increased because EVERYONE is studying abroad, but still..)


Friggen passed out when I finally made it home, but didn’t have too long to rest before my 6 am alarm went off. Time for Ultimate. A team mate of mine was kind enough to drive the gyms where we spent the next 5 hours playing our hearts out.

The girls team didn’t walk away with any wins, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. These girls were some of the most competitive I have seen and it was challenging and rewarding to play them. I also happen to love my teammates. It’s cool to have been welcomed into this community so quickly and I’m very thankful for that.


I don’t yet have a jersey of my own, so this is the one they lent me. #GetStokedDTU


Indoor is a bit different than outdoor Ultimate. It’s 5 on 5 as opposed to 7 on 7 and because there is no weather to mess up your throws a lot of people will get creative.


Chilling between games and cheering on our guys teams.


Another player took this of me on the “field”. Super intense action shot, I know šŸ˜‰

The drive home we were all wiped out, but happy to have had such an exhausting day. The sun is FINALLY showing itself. It’s amazing how those beams can lift your spirit. A big thanks to all those of you who stuck it out to the end of this post, it means a lot that you would care to keep up with me. I hope your week is off to a great start, God Bless Yall.



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