We Forgot 7, but we’re Still Having Fun

This past week has been an absolute recharge. I loved getting to see Belgium and am pumped about all the future trips, but I’m also very excited about all the weekends I have here in Denmark.

I spontaneously decided to go on a run yesterday. (That hasn’t happened in quite some time.) I had talked to a couple other students about this place called the deer park. They said it’s just acres and acres of woods and every now and then you can come across this giant herd of deer.

The deer park is pretty close to campus, but I live about 2 miles away from campus. If you do the math, by the time I actually made it to the deer park I felt like I had put a good run in. I also sorta-kinda REALLY got distracted by a horse stables that I saw. Turns out they go riding every Saturday and Sunday and you can show up to ride for like 600 kroner.

Afterwards I packed up my trusty backpack and headed to campus to meet Ali/do laundry/ and study up! DTU has a lot of really cool buildings, and we found this awesome spot beneath a real tree to unpack and work.



This is a pretty popular spot at the DTU library where people come to sleep and “study”.

Friday I considered another run, just to get a chance to see those horses 😉 but then I remembered I had frisbee practice to cover my physical exercise for the day. I met Alex afterward and we decided to try our hands at cooking. We were going for Pad Thai, but the Netto (grocery store on campus) only had ramen noodles, so we improvised.

We met up later with my buddy Sophie and then spent the rest of the night with some of the people from the frisbee team. They ordered this really weird Gyro like pizza that had kabob meat and then a ton of lettuce. It actually ended up being pretty dang good! Pretty much ate it as a second dinner to the Pad Thai. *whoopsie*

The team is also teaching me a new cheer that I’m very excited about and it goes something like this:

“One, two, three we’re having fun.”

“Four, five, six we’re having fun.”

“Eight, nine, ten we’re having fun!”

“We forgot 7, but we’re still having fun!”

I just think that’s about the coolest cheer there is to have. And the best part is you just sing it over and over and over until you can’t sing anymore. Definitely one I’ll be bringing back to the States with me.


Today I accompanied Kayla and her roomate Helena to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It was a bit of a treck (about an hour), but so worth it. Of all the art out there I tend to think modern art is the most fascinating just because it tends to be the weirdest and you can make up a bunch of fun back stories about it.


My first time on the regional train! I’m usually on the S train which has routes concentrated in the city. Then there’s also the Metro which I’ve taken to the airport. The public transportation in Denmark is definitely not just for the city, but runs all up and down the country.

Below are some of the things we saw:




This was a cool piece by William Kentridge. I don’t know if you can tell, but the back half is a shadow cast by the first half of the work. Plus it’s a horse so you know I like it 🙂


Another piece by Kentridge. 


The museum had a lot of sculptures outside. I’m excited to revisit when it’s warm outside and take time to stroll through the garden.


I just thought this chair made me look really intense. That is all.


Another shot of the garden. The museum is set up on this beautiful property with a lot of big glass windows. Really different feel, but very cool.


Kayla, deep in thought over the meaning of the artwork.


This one was right outside the cafeteria…coincidence? I think not!


One of Andy Warhol’s pieces. I just love the colors.


The museum also happens to be right at the edge of the ocean. You can actually see Sweden across the way.


Got to throw a selfie in every once in a while!


This is where it starts to get a little weird.This artist Louise Bourgeois started these works when she was 75 years old and makes what she calls “cells”. They’re basically doors or cages with stuff in them.


The caption to this sculpture explained that Burgeois found spiders to have a very maternal quality. Their grace and usefulness reminded her of her mother. Little freaky if you ask me.


They had this random room in the middle of the Bourgeois exhibit. It was made in 2008 by Yayoi Kusama and was basically a mirrored room with just a bunch of glowing balls hung up. It was just so cool though. Literally felt like you were floating in the night sky.


And back to Bourgeois. This stuffed head is made out of blankets she had in her house.


Another beautiful view of the ocean.

Well folks, that’s all I have for you this time. Stay tuned, tomorrow is another frisbee tournament (GET HYPED) and then the school week starts back in again. God Bless Yall. And God bless my roommate Matt for leaving me cake to eat:





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