Australians Say Weird Things

Even though I’m studying in Denmark I have made friends with people from all over the world, including Australia. I call out Australia because below you will find a list of words that they define differently than Americans do. You decide for yourself, which do you like better?

  • French Fries = Chips
  • Chips = Crisps
  • Outlets = Power Points
  • Sweatshirts =Jumpers
  • Tennis Shoes = Joggers
  • Parking Lots = Car Parks
  • Garbage Can = Bin
  • Shrimp = Prawns
  • Cotton Candy = Fairy Floss
  • Another word that Australians use a lot is “proper”. As in “I wanted to get a proper lunch, not just a snack.”

Beyond weird Australian vocabulary, there are a few other linguistic observations I have made:

  • Here, pretty much everyone thinks Oregano is pronounced Or-eg-gAH-no. Like the state Oregon or Origami.
  • Standing in Line = Standing in the Queue.  This is true for pretty much everyone but Americans. I also really happen to like this one and I think I’m going to incorporate it into my vocabulary. So trendy.
  • My Indian and my Australian friends use the word “surely” a lot. As in “Surely it’s not going to rain today!” or if I ask “Do you think we’ll get caught for stealing the Danish crown?” they would respond “Surely not!”

Hopefully you found those as entertaining as I did when I first heard them. Up next on this installment of Here Goes, I have an update for you on what I’ve been up to the past couple days:

Sunday I got to get up bright and early to meet a couple teammates for…you guessed it, a Frisbee Tournament! This one was a bit special in that it was designed for people more new at Ultimate to come out and get some playing time. Now although I’m in my 5th year of Ultimate, Denmark has some pretty high standards. This tournament was by no means a walk in the park.


Clearly wiped after coming off from a point.

We played five 25 minute games over the course of the day and my team worked their butts off. Because this wasn’t your typical tournament DTU had two mixed teams playing. That meant I got to play with boooyyyss. *EW**cooties*. No, but actually it really was a lot of fun.


Mary is cheesin for the camera 🙂


The team bought snacks for everyone. If you know me I think my love language is food, so this was amazing.

My shining moment of the day was catching a layout disk that our team used to score a point. I can see the improvements in my game each time I go out there and play which is one of the most rewarding parts.

Afterward, the coach made the executive call to head to McDonald’s. Now normally I try to keep a 20 foot distance from the golden arches, but I had been intending to compare to the American version, plus how could I say no to my team?


Not everyone fit in the frame, but this is a sampling of all the peeps I get to hang with.

I ended up ordering a Salsa chicken Sandwich and a small fry, both of which were actually pretty dang good. The fries were definitely less greasy. Could have also just been that I was famished from playing, but who knows?


I brought a Dane with me to order because the menu was in Danish…Obvi

img_1438Let me preface this next bit with the fact that I have seen very few, if any insects while being here. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but there is a general lack of bugs.

That was true until Sunday night. I had just gotten out of the shower and was in the middle of leaving Ali a voicemail when I saw it. Sitting there in the corner of room above my bed was an 8 legged demon.


Immediately I screamed for my roommate Matt to come down. Down he flies and is as equally disgusted as I am. Me being the strong independent woman that I am grabbed the nearest shoe and handed it right over to Matt. He missed on the first swing, but the second time he hit it square on. I swear it made a thud when it’s corpse hit the ground.


To this day there the outline of it’s smashed body haunts my walls…


Monday was a regular old day of classes. Nothing new to report on that front. But, starting at 6, I hosted the first session of a Monday night bible study at my place. I have to apologize here because I was so engrossed in the activities that I totally forgot to take any pictures. *awks*

Basically we had 9 girls crammed into one kitchen preparing a lovely dinner of hot dogs and cooked beets/roots/carrots. After eating we had some hot chocolate and shared a bit more about our lives. I think it was a combo of hosting (I get my love of it from my mom) and the Holy Spirit, but once everyone had left I was left with this warm glow. If you happen to be a lady in Denmark and you’re reading this and have any interest in coming (even if you don’t consider yourself religious), you’re invited! Seriously, it would make my day if you sent me a message.

Tuesday was yet again another day of class. And now I’m tired, but I am home. I think I’m going to have a hot dog again for dinner just because they’re so good 🙂 Until next time, God Bless Yall.


It was actually sunny on campus today! I cannot wait for warm weather people.


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