Practically Local

Hey there everybody! If you’ve been keeping up with me you might be curious what the heck I’ve been up to. You might be asking yourself: Why hasn’t she been posting more pictures around Europe? Well I’ll let you know that part of the answer to your question is because I haven’t actually been traveling that much…yet.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been STUDYING abroad. This is a weird concept. Most students take advantage of the fact that their classes are pass/fail and have spent every weekend up to this point in a different country. In the coming weeks, I will be that student, but for now I’m still decently on top of my studies whilst seeing all that the Copenhagen area has to offer 🙂

If you actually stop to compare a spring semester abroad to a spring semester at home, the amount of travel time quadruples. In the states you have a trip or two home and then MAYBE just maybe you get to go somewhere warm for spring break. Here on the other hand? You spend more time on airplanes than you will doing homework.

So let’s recap the past week:


Spent the day at Uni (a found term for the University, probably coined by the Australians again). Below is a picture of my study space for the day. This is actually a pretty common thing for people to do. Gives the tables a nice little cozy vibe.img_1464Another day of Frisbee practice and then some girl team bonding! We decided to pull together to make some burgers and three different kinds of fries. We also got to teach the Danes Catch Phrase.  However, “Risking Life and Limb” and “End of Ones Rope” aren’t exactly common even when English is your first language, so it might have been a bit unfair.


Ali and I decided to make a trek into the city. We had heard good things about this big public library they call the Black Diamond. What’s really cool about this building is that there is an old part and a new part that feel so vastly different, but they have a walkway connecting the two and you are free to study in either part. Ali and I opted for old and plopped down for the next 4 hours. Can you say studious?


Central Copenhagen Station my friends.


IMG_1511.JPGThen we decided to break for food we realized my back tire was completely flat. Change of plans. We made our way to the nearest bike shop where I was told it would be done in a couple of hours. So we decided to find a coffee shop to re-hunker down in, but were sure to grab some warm drinks to keep our spirits up.


Later after I had picked up my newly renovated bike, Ali and I met up with a girl from the DIS program and a friend of hers joined the three of us for a delicious dinner. I opted for soup due to the cold I have been fighting off the past couple days. (I think I’m finally over it-YAY).


Ali headed home and the three of us proceeded to one of the DIS libraries where they were showing The Danish Girl. I have been wanting to see this movie since this summer and then the fact that I’m actually in Denmark made me so much more desperate to see it. It ended up being a sad one, but dang is Eddie Redmayne a good actor.



Another Frisbee practice and this time there was beer involved. The S-house (kind of like our student union) was having a super cheap deal for 5 krons (less than $1) per beer! We also did a rules quiz to put our knowledge of the game to the test.

The rest of the night was spent at the bar hanging with the team and catching up with other people I hadn’t seen in awhile.



Me and four others had intended on going horseback riding early in the morning but because of weather conditions they had to cancel. We decided to see the deer park without the aid of our four-legged friends and walked about 2 miles to the ocean. img_1558On the way we saw this massive herd of deer. Apparently the park used to be the hunting grounds of the king and now it’s a protected park. Although cold, it was beautiful. We even got a glimpse of Sweden across the water.img_1562img_1564img_1571img_1576We ate lunch at this deserted little fancy restaurant on the coast and dang it was good! The woman didn’t speak a lick of English so thank goodness Ida (she’s Norwegian) was there to translate.

img_1581As soon as the bus dropped me back off at home I was making plans with other friends to go into the city. We went to go see the Church of our Savior because it was just opening from a restoration and therefore free to the public. This place had some of the narrowest stairs and so whenever there was a group going down and a group going up, one person had to squish into the woodwork of the building. That usually ended up being little Ali. She didn’t seem to mind.img_1594


The view from the top of the tower.


Following the tower we made our way to this really cool collection of art called David’s collection. It was from all over the world, but a vast majority of it is from the middle east. We only had 30 minutes before it closed to breeze through it so we mostly just looked. The gallery is free however, so I plan to re-visit.img_1612img_1613

Unfortunatley folks, I think I’m going to stop here for the night. It’s 12:12 AM and considering I have class at 8AM tomorrow, I should probably be in bed… I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the memories. Until next time, God Bless Yall 🙂


2 thoughts on “Practically Local

  1. what marvelous pix, Annie!
    glad you are getting over that cold! Love reading your news! Marta got her car rear window smashed by some hoodlums at the zoo today who stole her purse, luckily she had her billfold and cards with her.


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