Practically Local Part II

So here it is, the rest of my journey from last week:


So I believe I left off with David’s Collection. That means I was right about to jump into Fastelavn. I had been invited to this event and had heard rumors about this Fastelavn holiday that the Danes have.

Two things immediately struck me as funny:

  1. Everyone is supposed to wear costumes just like halloween.
  2. The event was scheduled from 8pm-1am…at a church.

So apparently way back in the day, it was a thing for Danes to have a big party before lent started so they would all dress up and celebrate with lots of food and drink. Part of the tradition was to string up a barrel with a live cat in it which they would then proceed to hit with bats.

This apparently was supposed to ward off the evil spirits…? Thankfully, the church opted to fill the barrel with candy as opposed to a feline.


These are the remnants of the barrels. You have to knock every single piece down.

I attended the event with Sarah (a Scottlander studying for her Master’s) and because we are both on exchange, the costume selection we have is pretty limited. I decided to go as a Frisbee player (wasn’t tough to get the gear) and Sarah went as some kind of rainbow princess thing.


I’m wearing Anders space helmet in this picture. He made it out of paper mache…like who does that?

The Danes on the other hand were much more elaborate with their costumes which was fun to see. It kind of felt like Halloween in February. We spent most of the night dancing and talking and eating. All in all I’d say this event is a big milestone on my way to becoming fully Danish!



Woke up to head into the 11 o’clock service at Hillsong. There had been rumors that they were making homemade breakfast and so I made sure to get there a bit early.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on a group project, but made a lovely dinner with Alex and David. It was nice to close out the weekend with them 🙂



I think I may have underestimated how much 8 hours of class two days in a row would leave my brain feeling like it’s gone through the wringer. It’s not so much that the material is over my head, but I think of about a billion things I need to do while I’m sitting in class, and then Wednesday comes and I feel like there’s no gas left in my tank. I think I’ll continue to manage though.

Exchange students across campus are starting to realize “Hey, maybe I should actually start looking at the stuff I have due.” We’re now 5 weeks in and some of the more important deadlines are nearing the horizon.

Monday night included a really fantastic bible study with 5 other girls. We made some bomb Chicken Cordon Blu and spent the next couple hours sharing thoughts about life and how we see the world. Such a filling night to gather and enjoy one another’s company 🙂



We had bacon as an appetizer…Yep.



Another day of classes. I made the mistake of drinking a caffeinated beverage at 4pm and stayed in the computer lab until 7:40. When I finally got home I made myself some chicken nuggs and settled in to watch the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. Pretty crazy case and kind of made me sad.


No classes, so I let myself sleep in and biked my way over to campus with a sack of laundry. My house doesn’t have laundry in it, so we’re supposed to walk it over to another student house. Apparently it actually costs money to use though, so I have been biking it to campus.img_1668-1

I had ANOTHER flat tire when I finished with that. This one was the front one. I decided to just have the whole thing replaced as opposed to just the tube inside. Ironically enough I paid more for that than I did for my bike. Now it’s in great condition though, so I shouldn’t have anymore issues. Fingers crossed.


I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but it wad F-L-A-T flat.

Frisbee practice was hill sprints today because the gyms have been closed. Hard to do, but also an awesome exercise. The fun began after practice when we all decided to make dinner together and then go see La La Land. Dinner was delicious meatballs and spaghetti along with some potatoes.


Here in Denmark movie theater tickets are 100 DKK ($15) which is absolutely ridiculous, but the theater is also quite nice and I’m in Denmark, so I can’t even be mad. Concessions are also quite expensive too.


They have these awesome peanut M&M dispensers everywhere. This one happened to be in the movie theater.


They also keep their popcorn in these fridge like containers that actually keep the popcorn warm. This is Martin, clearly very excited about it.


Until next time, God Bless yall. 🙂


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