Modern Art has my Heart

FIRST FRISBEE PRACTICE OUTSIDE! Granted, it did not look like this when we started playing. In fact it was pretty miserable, but by the end the sun was shining and I could actually smell the spring in the air.

It was a good thing too, because Friday was the Ul-lympics, a series of events made up my my coaches to put our frisbee skills to the test. It consisted of relays, precision throwing, and long distance throwing. Mary also decided to throw in some table sit ups just for the heck of it.

After practice the team that was left headed to the bar. They were handing out free beer until 5, so we all took advantage of that. (I still don’t really know why.) Then Sai taught us a new game called Contact. It’s kind like 20 questions and catch phrase where someone has a word in mind and everyone else tried to guess the word by earning a letter of it at a time. You do this by using clues that start with the letters you have guessed so far. But the person with the word can interrupt your clues at any point. If that didn’t make sense, it probably shouldn’t because I didn’t get it until about 3 rounds in. Great game though, trust me.
The next morning was an early one as we were off to Aarhus! Me, Ali, Giulia, Mary, Armand and Mmartin all got to the bus station at 6:30 AM to travel 4 hours to the second largest city in Denmark. It’s on the Jutland which is the western most landmass of the three parts, but it’s on the east coast of it.We got to ride a ferry the last hour of it which was pretty cool.Aarhus has been described as the tamer younger sister to Copenhagen and I actually found this to be a fitting description. Lots of Danish architecture, without the mad hustle and bustle.The first place we went after getting off the bus was a local food market. We were pretty starving and most of what they had was raw meat and uncooked vegetables, but we were happy to look around and be a part of it.

Random bike filed bridge. Apparently people use this for longer term storage, but you just walk through them to get across.

Our next stop was to the MoMu Moesgaard Museum. It was recommended to us by a Dane from the area, and wow it was cool. The building itself is this huge slanted piece of concrete that you can actually climb to the top of. It offered a beautiful view of the ocean and surrounding countryside.

The inside of the museum offered some ideas about the ancestors of Denmark. I particularly enjoyed a smaller exhibit on social contagion in which they discussed how ideas can spread like epidemics.

Me channeling my inner cave woman.


A true viking

Clearly still working on getting our lives together. 

We stayed at the museum until close and then headed to the hostel to take a nap. It’s amazing how much energy it takes to have fun.


Hostels tend to be pretty cool places. This one in particular had a lot of artwork and I liked the bear in the elevator.

We decided to go for dinner at this warehouse called Aarhus street food. Similar to Paper Island in Copenhagen it’s basically a warehouse with permanent food trucks in it from all around. I just love the idea of it. I went for some traditional Danish Tarteletter which is basically a chicken/asparagus pot pie without a top. Super yummy.

Mary got a creme brulee donut that they actually took a torch to and crisped up. I made sure I got one before I left because DANG!Once we had gotten our fill we went to check out the nightlife. We spent the first couple hours at this dingy bar playing ping pong and meeting some young Danes. They were all on their gap year (very common outside of the US) and told us they planned to do  some traveling before starting school.


The next bar we went to was called the Sherlock Holmes bar. I tried my first Guinness beer and wow, turns out I actually liked it. Like a lot. I think this is because the dark undertones almost reminded me of coffee. I taught the gang how to play up and down the river so we spent some time doing that and then it was back to the hostel for sleepy time.

The next morning I met up with a girl named Terese that Anders had introduced me to so I could attend a local church service with her. It was a really cool experience. Half of the worship songs were in Danish and the sermon itself was so I got a headset to listen to the translation through. It definitely lifted my spirit to be a part of the service and now I have another Danish friend 🙂

Me and Terese.

I took a bus right from church to meet the rest of the gang at the Aros Museum. Another modern art museum (they’re becoming my absolute favorite) and dang it was pretty cool. Below are some of the pictures of the artwork we saw.

This particular exhibit was all about sound. The artist, Jacob Kirkegaard, captured sounds of a concrete wall and we were encouraged to take a listen.

Deeply contemplating the meaning of this tiger man. What could it mean? What does it represent?

This was probably the coolest piece of art just because of the sheer size and life like quality of it. It was done by an Australian artist names Rob Mueck.

The scraps of a flag factory lay on the floor in a big pile with a blank tarp piece hanging above. Untitled (Flagwaste) by Gardar Eide.

If you’re a car lover this probably hurts to look at. Basically the artist made it a free for all to let people scratch this car with their keys. The idea was to expose how individual distructive actions leave distinct traces and contribute to the slow brake down of the facade society puts on.

Just a big octopus thing. Idk man.

One of my other favorites was the 360 degree rainbow walkway at the top of the museum. It painted your whole world different views as you walked around. Really cool to see.

I thought it would be ironic to put s picture of me from the colored walkway in black and white. So I did it.

There were some more classical pieces as well. This one just happened to be really impressive.

A whale-o-copter.


We finished off our trip with another go at the Aarhus street food just because. We may or may not have bought our own food from the local Netto, but hey, we’re college kids. One 5 hour bus ride, .5 hour train ride and a 10 minute walk home later and here I am writing to all you lovely folks about how my weekend was. Until next time, God bless yall ❤




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