Lithuania Day 1:

First solo trip errbody. This weekend I am traveling to the beautiful lands of Latvia and Lithuania. These bordering Baltic states sit to the West part of Russia and are incredibly cheap to get to.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with Wednesday morning. I got all set to leave and took time debating whether or not to bring my fanny pack. It was actually a big question for me as with it, I gain a more secure and hands-free purse, but at the cost of labeling myself a tourist. Needless to say, the fanny pack came with:
IMG_1977I made my way downtown to grab a cinnamon roll from Sankt Peders (Saint Peter’s) Cafe. I got the recommendation from a friend who said they only make them on Wednesdays. Dang, that puppy was soft and chewy and good. 10/10 would make the stop if you’re in the area.IMG_1980.JPGIMG_1983Cinnamon roll in tow, I made my way to the airport. I think I mentioned last time how far back the cheap airlines go? Well this post I’m including a snap shot for reference. Those little black dots at the end are people. It’s a workout, I’m telling you.IMG_1989


Boarding the plane-woo!

One of the first things I noticed once I landed was how many basketball advertisements are everywhere. I knew there was basketball here from watching New Girl, but I found out from the hostel owner later that Lithuanians love of basketball actually stems from when they were vying for independence from Soviet Russia. Each country had a team and when they played each other, the Lithuanians actually won! This was a huge deal for the country and since then, basketball has stuck around.


Who I presumed to be a Latvian basketball team? I mean it was a bunch of tall guys in matching sweat suits…

The owner of my hostel, Victor also told me there were a couple museums that were free on Wednesday. I didn’t have much time, but with the time I did, I went to the Devil’s museum and an art gallery full of paintings and music by one Lithuanian artist: MK Ciurlionis. The devil’s museum was basically a small collection of a bunch of sculptures of the devil. It was more funny than creepy.


This is supposed to be Krampus, the evil Christmas Devil that eats children.


This is from the art museum. It was the one sculpture in a museum of paintings.


This one is my favorite. I like how it looks like this guy is climbing his way over the hillside.



This is St. Michael the Archangel’s church at the end of the city street. Main street Kaunas is basically one stretch and this lovely building is perched at one end.

More views of my walk around Kaunas:



This is the city’s basketball stadium. It’s the largest in all of the Baltics. I wasn’t kidding when I said they cared about basketball.

IMG_2035IMG_2037For dinner I tried a contemporary Lithuania restaurant called Vista Puode. It was hip and delicious and cheap! I got a lemonade, a hot cocoa, and my entree for 11 euros! What?! That’s the price of a piece of pizza in Copenhagen.IMG_2039IMG_2040

As i had been traveling throughout the day, I kept seeing a bunch of women with these flowers in their hands. I was a bit confused if this was a tradition or if they just always had flowers, but I came to find out that it was all due to International Women’s day.

A bunch of vendors set up stands where you could purchase tulips for the women you cared about. I received a sweet surprise at the end of the meal when my waiter brought me this lovely flower.

More adventures to come, God Bless yall.


2 thoughts on “Lithuania Day 1:

  1. Hi! I’m a friend of your parents – we used to hang out when you were little, maybe you remember Delaney? Anyhow, it was inspiring to read about your adventure. My oldest (Madison) went to college for four years in Switzerland and traveled Europe and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing more of the world. Love to see you saying YES and grabbing live by the ovaries!! Adventure on!


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