Latvia Day 2

Today was a lot of fun. I got to see some beautiful sites in Latvia thanks to my wonderful tour guide Kristine. We started the day pretty early as the kids had to get dropped off at school. Our first stop was Kemeru Lielais Tirelis, one of the largest Latvian bogs. Don’t let the word bog fool you though, this park was really incredible to walk through. So peaceful.

There was a tower halfway through that we got to climb up to get a view.

The town of Jumala was next. This is a coast town in Latvia and I experienced something I’ve never seen before. A snowy beach. I don’t just mean snow by the ocean, but like nice, beach sand covered in a layer of snow. It messed with my sense of season.Jurmula is an incredibly interesting town because it’s on its way to becoming completely modern, but half of the houses are still their original structure. This leaves a landscape where one house/apartment complex looks like the one below and the next is crumbling and abandoned.In the middle of the city is this real cool adventure park. Kristine and I decided to be kids for a second and climb some of the structures. The second one was way too high to be just a casual kids climb. I’ve included a picture of how I felt when I got to the top.The park also had this crazy tower in the middle of it. This thing stands 125 feet tall above the trees and gives you an amazing yet terrifying view of everything. At the top the structure was distinctly shifting with the wind. I know I’m supposed to trust fellow engineers, but I was glad when we hit solid ground again.Again in Jurmala we kind of accidentally stumbled upon this poet museum of Rainis and Aspazija. The couple wrote a ton of amazing poems and plays and are very influential in Latvian’s story. The couple had to go into hiding in Switzerland because they were seen prominent leaders against Russia. Here is a poem by Rainis called Me and You:

This is where Rainis actually died. The couple had their summer home in Jumula.

Once we finished at the museum we decided it was finally time to eat lunch. It was about 4pm at this point, but Kristine said she had to show me this restaurant called Lido (translated to fly) so we spoiled our dinner appetite for the sake of an awesome place. See below:

It was then time to pick the kids up from Kindergarten. They showed me their school and I met some of their friends. I think they’ve finally fully warmed up to me 🙂

This is one of those friends I mentioned. I don’t know his name, but he’s so cute.

Eating some din din made by Kristine.

Brought back the tree game from my childhood to play with the kids. It was all the workout I needed for the day.

One more day before I head back to the land of the Danes. In it next time, God Bless y’all ❤


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