The Post of many Selfies (Lithuania Day 2/Latvia Day 1)

Can I just be honest for a second? I really wanted to make this entire post a bunch of selfies. Traveling alone, you don’t really have anyone to take pictures of you, so you have to resort to the shameful selfie. Unfortunatley, I realized pretty quickly that the front facing camera is nowhere near the quality of the back facing camera and so in the interest of better photos I opted to a nice mix of selfie and non-selfie pictures. Hopefully you enjoy 🙂

Started the day off at this lovely little bakery called 101 kepyklele. The hostel I was staying at has a deal where it’s 20% off with the hostel key. I totally forgot about this deal and purchased two items, but this wasn’t sweat off my back seeing as it was a total of .90 euros!

Clearly one satisfied customer.

I then headed next door to the Green Cafe(Victor said it’s the best coffee in the city), who also had the 20% deal. Low and behold I forgot the discount there too…thankfully my chai tea latte wasn’t any less delicious.I decided to take the rest of the day to explore some more of Kaunas. I found plenty of fun statues along the way. Warning: my pride was semi harmed in the making of these photos. I may have got chuckled at a few times by passerbys. This was the point in the day that I realized selfies were not going to be sufficient to capture the parts of the city I was exploring, so I started branching out.Both Kaunas and Latvia have what are called “Old towns”. Just as it sounds, it’s the older part of the city with varied architecture and in this case lots of colorful buildings. I came across this lovely church: The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul.Right next door is the old town hall, now museum. Of course I had to go through it. There was a very friendly Lithuanian woman that usherd me from room to room all while excitedly speaking broken English about the history of the building.We got to see the basement of the building where there had been first a post office and then a prison. The tour guide encourage me to try out the handcuff. Apparently I make for a very happy prisoner.More selfies and Kaunas pictures:

An abandoned building closer to the outskirts of Kaunas. I found it to be a combination of artsy and creepy. 

This one is special because its representative of the sun I finally felt. I actually fell asleep on a log in the Santakos park. It was blissful.

For lunch I tried more “traditional” Lithuanian cuisine. I think the actual dish I chose wasn’t all that traditional (pesto chicken), but the ambience was!

I boarded my bus to Riga, Latvia at 3 pm and relaxed for the next 4 hours as the bus did it’s thang. I had made arrangements with a family friend, Christine to stay with her beforehand so when I arrived, her two kids Marta and Gustavs were waiting. The kids were so shy at first, but soon were laughing and poking me just like anyone else. They gave me a small tour of Riga and then we headed home to make some delicious pizza.


Apparently it’s very common to mix mayonnaise and tomato sauce and wow is all I have to say to that. Going to have to bring that one back to the states. Christine has a dog,Mia, and the cutest cat Elsa. I mean look at this cat’s eyes! They’re huge!


Marta on the other hand started taking English lessons this year and was communicating in simple sentences. We had some fun putting puzzles together.

I am very excited for two more days with these guys and very grateful they were willing to take me in 🙂 Until next time, God bless yall!



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