A Week Well Spent

Another week down you guys. It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been here for two months…like seriously, where does the time go?

The week started with bible study at my place. Having these girls over to talk about life and faith is always one of my favorite parts of the week. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs made by yours truly (with plenty of help) were on the menu. Surprisingly enough, I think my cooking skills have improved since being here. I’m feeling more and more confident-you’ll see the quiche I made later on 🙂

Wednesday there was a fire alarm. I don’t think this one was planned because the firemen actually showed up. I never found out what actually happened, but no one really seemed to be too concerned. IMG_2317Wednesday night we made dinner with the girls team. Line is a particularly good good and whipped us up some ginger spicy chicken stir fry. It was outrageously good. Then for “dessert” we made ginger tea. We my have put a bit too much ginger in there because it burned  a bit going down…IMG_2324Here’s the quiche I was talking about. I made it Thursday morning. Dang I might as well just call this blog a food blog because it seems like that’s all I’ve been talking about hahaha. IMG_2326Friday afternoon me and the rest of the team packed up and headed off to Jutland (the most west land mass of Denmark) for Frisbee nationals! Emilie drove me and 5 others in her “sedan”. I say that in quotes because this thing was tiny. Like clown car fold yourself in two tiny. My legs got numb about halfway through the drive, but hey we made it. It only took about 2 hours for us to cross basically the entirety of Denmark. That in itself is a feat.IMG_2342 (1)


Crossing the bridge to Odense, the middle land mass of this lovely little country.

The rest of the night was spent at Philip (one of the coaches) childhood homes. His mom cooked us this giant dinner of venison and potatoes and chicken and rice and salad. Yum. (There I go again with the food). The night was filled with laughter and conversation and a couple hours spend playing the humming game where you try to get your friends to guess the song you’re humming. Anders was probably the most entertaining with his voice cracks and how into it he got.  IMG_2356IMG_2360


Later we watched a documentary about a Portland team called Rhino. I kept trying to convince my team that WE were Rhino and that we needed to start cheering that before our games. No one else got on board 😦


Okay, I just had to include a picture of these crows. Apparently Philip’s family had shot them because crows are considered pests. But THEN they kept them to use them as bait and will hunt foxes with them. I think everyone of the team was a bit confused. Almost looks like someone designed it.

Frisbee time! I don’t have a ton of pictures of the team playing (though I have tons of video that I will post later). I am really proud of myself and my team. Compared to how we played in the first tournament out team had some real good cuts and we were able to compete well with the other teams. IMG_2381After each game, the Danes have the tradition of making a spirit circle, where the two teams get in a big circle with their arms around each other and give some compliments as to how the game went. Then we all high five one another afterward and say “Tak for kampen”, meaning “Thanks for the game”.IMG_2390Sorry for the picture being upside down, but I had to share this cake. Apparently the team gets one every year, but this year it was special. We were’t really sure why it said “Congratulations”, but were told we would find out later. What we found out is that one of the team members wives was pregnant and going to have a baby in September.


These people cakes are actually very common in Denmark. Birthdays and holidays and that kind of thing tend to include these flat sheets of goodness. No butter cream frosting here, just lots of butter and cinnamon sugar. There is this funny tradition they have that when you cut it, you first cut the throat of the cake and everyone has to scream. Don’t ask me why, it just happens.Following all the games, we showered and repacked up to head to a nearby school. Basically the tournament rents out this thing to host all the teams under one rood. They fed us delicious dinner AND breakfast to refuel. I had never experienced anything like it, but I think it was really cool.IMG_2413IMG_2395


There was also a mini awards ceremony to recognize the best new talent, best coach, etc. It was all in Danish so I had to have a friend translate to me.

Then we had another full day of playing games and by the time it was over, everyone was pretty pooped.IMG_2416IMG_2418IMG_2420


I snagged this picture while Louise, Martin and I were keeping score for another game. She looks mad, but she isn’t really!


I love my team mates ❤

All in all, it was a week very well spent, and now I’m looking ahead to more travels and good times with these people! Until next time, God bless ya 🙂



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