Another 24 hours. Another city. I tell ya, I think I’m getting good at this traveling stuff. My flight left at 7:50 the next morning, so it was an early morning bus back to the airport. I met a nice couple from Seattle who helped me figure out where I needed to go.


I rode the most adorable little plane over to Bristol. It even had the colver on the tail. Another bus ride and I had made it into the city. There I met up with Will Sanford, a fellow Badger who also happened to be studying abroad in Bristol. He basically acted as my tour guide throughout the entire rest of the day.

Will lives right on the river in a dorm very similar to some of the ones we have at DTU. We went with some of his friends to get 5 pound burgers. Do not be alarmed, when I say pound I mean the currency, not the weight.

Then we took a real long walk all the way to the top of the city to see the suspension bridge. Bristol is pretty proud of this bridge and has a whole museum dedicated to the history of it. It is actually quite impressive though. We also got to check out some caves a bit under the city, and those were cool too.

img_2661Then it was time for a gelato break. Will continued to show me around this lovely little town. I saw a lot of his school buildings and of course everything was gorgeous and old.

We spent some time chasing down the infamous Banksy murals. For those of you unfamiliar, Banksy is a graffiti artist whose work is often political and controversial, and also very cool. Will and I were pretty wiped after so much walking and so we headed back to his place where he made me his own special stir fry which includes kale and cranberries amongst other things.img_2688

One funny thing I noticed in all the cities I visited is that nearly every crosswalk is labeled like this:They must’ve had enough close calls or even deaths with tourists that they made it mandatory to have this labeled on every intersection. Not going to lie, I may have felt turned around once or twice because of the whole direction thing. You also noticed this when passing people on the sidewalk. They would make a move to go to my right and it just felt wrong.

Overall, Bristol exceeded expectations and is officially classifiable as a dope British town. 10/10 would recommend. Until next time, God bless ya Yanks đŸ˜‰ (And my non American friends) 



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