One day. Basically 24 hours to see the country I have been working up my entire life to see. Ireland has kind of felt like that fairy tale land that I didn’t know if I would ever get to visit, but have always desperately wanted to explore.

The trip started great from the boarding gate at the airport. There were passengers next to me talking in GENUINE IRISH ACCENTS! It was amazing. I arrived pretty late at night and it was a bit rainy, but I was able to navigate my way to the hostel with no major problems.

I appreciate when hostel mirrors compliment me.

Once at the hostel I quickly realized I’d be sharing a bedroom with one other person: a frenchman named Bruno. Up to this point I’d been staying in female dorms, but this particular hostel only had mixed ones, so I thought why not? Bruno was already asleep when I arrived, so after a quick crepe in the hostel kitchen, I headed off to bed as well.

The next morning I had quite the surprise. When Bruno woke up he threw his covers off the bed I could not tell if he was wearing any other clothes. Suddenly my backpack became the most interesting thing I’d ever seen as I averted my eyes what could’ve been a naked man. Lesson learned. Always go for the girl dorms.

The next 10 or so hours were spent soaking in every second of the beautiful city of Dublin I possibly could. Even though it was a bit chilly, the sun was absolutely radiant. I guess that means I haven’t experienced true Ireland yet, but hey I’m not complaining.

Breakfast of champs: including black pudding!

I did the free walking tour (of course) and found out that although Ireland is technically bilingual, only 11% of Irish people actually speak the Gaelic mother-tongue. Following the tour, 6 or so of my fellow tourists decided to get lunch at this place called the Keltic Bar. I had some good old Bangers and Mash, Irish style. The conversation over lunch was quite lovely and led 4 of us to decide to go through the Guinness brewery.

Bangers and Mash baby!

They call it “The Black Stuff” because this beer is the color of oil. Even though I still don’t find the taste of beer appealing, this was some of the better stuff. The storehouse was also really cool. Especially the horse buggies they had out front ❤

The night finished off with one of the girls Jennifer and I grabbing dinner at Bar Rua, another cool place. This time it was Shepard’s Pie, another classic Irish dish. Almost all the bars in Dublin have live music so it wasn’t too long before we heard the acoustic guitar come on. Jennifer is going into the peace corps for the next two years and it was such a blessing to get to share some of life’s ups and downs with her.

That led me to the end of my Irish journey. Overall the coolest moment was asking the bartender what I looked like and his response being Irish. Stay tuned for the next stop on my UK/Ireland adventure- the great city of Bristol! Until next time, God Bless y’all.


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