London: Day 1

Still weird to think that all these cities have always felt so distant and then one weekend, BAM! It’s like suddenly they’re not so foreign anymore. This whole weekend, one observation I had was how weird it was to be back in a primarily english speaking country. I could read all the billboards and menus and everything… like what? That’s definitely something I will not be able to take for granted when I get back to the States.

Anywho, so Will and I took the early (like 5:15 AM early) two hour bus into London. That meant we had the whole morning to see London on our own without an overwhelming number of tourists. We started at Buckingham palace. We were hoping to see the changing of the guard, but alas, Saturday was not one of the scheduled days.

While strolling down the mall we saw a group of very nicely dressed people standing around a food tent. When we went over to see what the deal was, they told us they were in the middle of filming a movie. I mean, how cool is that? They also told us Mary Poppins was filming nearby. I came to find over my time there that basically London feels a lot like a European New York. You see a LOT of street performers and people from all around the world speaking all kinds of languages. Very hustle and bustle.

One of the street performers trying to get the crowd amped up.

A particularly cool chalk art. These people spend hours making work knowing it’s soon be be washed away and cleaned up.

Some of the sights we saw pictured below: Buckingham palace, St. Jame’s park, the outside of the Cavalry museum (wasn’t open yet), Trafalgar square, The National Portrait GalleryBig Ben, the London Eye, Westminster. (Shoutout to Rachel Hughes for all the amazing suggestions!)

Personal favorite piece of art at the National Gallery titled The Ugly Duchess.

The memorial to the victims that died in the terrorist attack on the bridge just a few days earlier.

One surprising thing was seeing a massive mob of people dressed in a lot of blue and yellow. Will and I had unknowingly stumbled into an anti BREXIT rally. There were thousands of people crammed into this squad to protest the U.K. Leaving the European Union. That, along with the wake terrorist attack had London humming with energy.

I accomplished a personal goal of mine when I got to try genuine fish and chips and I actually really loved them! For those of you that don’t know, I’m really not a huge fish person, like at all. But this fish, deep fried and with tarter sauce was so dang good. Will said we had to get salt and vinegar like we’re the real deal. 

London has its own China town. We didn’t spend a lot of time here, but it was really cool to walk through. We spent some time chilling at my hostel before we had bubble tea. Will and I parted ways around 4 as I was headed north to the Camden Market and he was headed south to catch his bus home. Camden market reminds me of Uptown in Minneapolis. Very cool hippie vibes with more street markets. I didn’t get the chance to go into the market because I got in line for the Maine, a band I happen to be pretty fond of. I met a couple British girls in line and we ended up sticking together for the rest of the concert. It was an amazing way to end an amazing day.Thankfully, the joinery didn’t stop there. One more day to enjoy the land of Great Britain-soon to be posted about 🇬🇧. Goodnight you beautiful people.


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