Milan, Italy: Day 1

First things first, HAPPY EASTER! Today is a day of celebration and smiles and lots of pastel colored things. Typically I would be spending the day with family eating good food and going to church together. Seeing as I am currently over 4,00o miles away from them, I can guarantee you that won’t be happening. Fortunately I do have a few friends in town to spend the day with and I plan to go to a later service tonight with them. In the meantime I’m taking a big sigh of contentment as I have just returned from a 9 day Spanish Excursion. Fortunately I had the foresight to write some stuff down about my travels two weeks before and plan to catch y’all up as the next week or two unfold. Enjoy the pictures and as always feel free to reach out or leave comments or whatever your heart desires. He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!


Milan has been absolutely stupendous. Our first day ended up being a bright and sunny 70 degrees. I haven’t felt sun that warm in a couple months so you bet your bottom dollar I jumped right into a pair of shorts. Ali and I were literally two of a total of maybe 10 people we saw out of hundreds, but we didn’t give a dang. We weren’t going to waste the sun on long sleeves and pants.

The day started out early with a 9 o’clock flight so we met at the train stop pretty early. Ryanair is normally pretty good, but we ran about 40 minutes past schedule. No matter, we still made it into the city after another hour bus ride and made our way to the hostel.

I had never heard of gnocchi (an Italian style pasta that Ali describes as “little clouds”), and Ali insisted I try some. We so happened to pass Art Factory Cafe on our way and saw they was serving some. We stopped right then and there. Even though it was a discount restaurant (only €5 for a plate of pasta), it was delicious.

Ali and I checked in and headed out to see the rest of the city. Turns out our hostel (The Koala Hostel 🐨) is farther from all the touristy things than we had originally thought and  after check in it took us about 30 minutes of walking before we reached the outskirts of the city center.
From that point on it was basically us just walking around and casually coming across things we had talked about seeing. Apparently Milan is I got all that big because we hit literally every landmark we had bookmarked.Lots of times we would pass by these unsuspecting alley ways to peer into these extravagant courtyards. It felt like finding a hidden oasis in the midst of a bustling noisy city.What bikes are to Copenhagen, mopeds are to Milan. You see these things EVERYWHERE and all kinds of people riding them. From old couples to women in dresses and high heels to guys in bro tanks and shorts. There is never a shortage of these bad boys. Side note: since freshman year it’s been my dream to get one of these bad boys for myself to ride around the UW Campus, and I think next year it might actually work out :).

The ever impressive Duomo is the center of the Milan square. It kind of takes your breath away to see with it’s intricately sculpted columns. I learned from Wikipedia that it is dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity and took nearly six centuries to complete. Who knew?Also in the square was a giant mob of 15 year old girls and their parents. We kept hearing them chant “SABI! SABI!” and finally stopped to ask a couple of them what all the hullabaloo was about. They let us know that Sabi was a participant on Italy’s next top model as well as an avid video gamer. She had recently released a book and all these girls had gathered in hopes of a glimpse of this small time celebrity. Ali and I were amused as we made our next stop to get some gelato.So in total Ali and I walked about 13 miles for the day. You could say we were freaking starved by the time we decided to eat dinner. We momentarily considered going to see the movie Get Out but realized it would probably be in Italian. We also just really wanted to eat. What we ended up getting was just about the best dang pizza I have ever tasted.In short, my Milan visit is off to a great start! 


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