London: Day 2

The final leg of my English Journey. I started the morning off at the hostel. I had made the executive call to go for the cheapest bed, which meant I slept in an 18 person hostel room, a new record. 

After some toast for breakfast I checked out and headed to the British National Museum. I had been using this bike system where you pay 2 pounds and then you get 24 hours of free rental as long as you bike is only checked out for

I was one of the first to arrive at the museum so I zipped through the security line and went straight in. Admission was FREE (score for the college student). I immediately got to checking out the treasure. The museum was basically filled with a ton of stuff that the Brits have stolen/uncovered/discovered from around the world and have put on display.

There was enough stuff to keep my busy for the whole day, but there were other parts of London left to see, so I continued on after about an hour and a half and walked my way over to the Dominion theater where Hillsong has their weekly church service.

THE original Rosetta Stone. This thing has been monumental in translation of hieroglyphics because the top two languages on it are ancient Egyptian script while the bottom is Ancient Greek. Basically your olden day google translate. Unfortunately they didn’t have a Danish version available for me to take home.The worship music was just what I needed, and the message was also good. Apparently the English Mother’s Day is in March because they had a dance performance dedicated to mom’s and gave all the women in the audience a bar of chocolate. I hadn’t realized this before I called my mom to wish her a happy Mothers day. She set the record straight.One of my Industrial Engineering friends Jesse is studying abroad in London for the semester and we had made plans to meet up for lunch at a place called Dishoom. I put the address into my phone and biked my way 20 minutes North only to realize there were actually a bunch of these restaurants and I was in fact at the wrong one. There was a bit of a scramble and brainstorm to decide on a new location because I had a train on the other side of the city in a few hours.We ended up finding a little food stand near the Borough Market (the market is unfortunately closed on Sundays). It was nice to catch up and discuss upcoming classes and travel plans. We of course had to make a pitstop for Gelato which is all the rage in Europe. 

It was about time for me to head home to the airport, so we made our way to the train station. Everything was normal until I got to the airport. For some reason, this particular airport (Stansted) doesn’t post the gate until 45 minutes before take off and until that point you basically just chill in this giant waiting area. It added a touch of stress, but before I knew it I was back in good ‘ol Denmark.

All in all, my time in the UK was much too short. I already have plans to travel back and see more. God bless all you beautiful people. And thanks for reading 🙂


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