Utrecht, Netherlands

The final leg of one of the most jam packed weekends of this semester. Ali and I arrived at the airport at 10pm and had to find our way to Utrecht, a suburb of Amsterdam. We knew have had to get to Utrecht central station, so we bought the first central station ticket we saw. That was a mistake. We soon realized we had tickets to the wrong city center. We looked for the help desk and were dismayed to see an uncomfortably long line with limited time to catch this train.

We made it to the front ASAP and the lady was gracious enough to grant us the proper tickets while refunding us from our mis-purchased ones. With a bit of hustlin and bustlin we boarded the train and rode our way out. From there we grabbed a bus and then started what we hoped would be a quick 15 minute walk. Unfortunately, the address we had took us to the middle of the woods and it wasn’t until we heard distant yelling that we were able to discern where the tournament was at.

Let me explain this tournament in the first place. For those of you that have been keeping up, you know I’ve been pretty heavily involved in the DTU frisbee team this semester and for those of you that haven’t been keeping up, well…now you know. The reason Ali and I even made this whole dramatic trek in the first place was to play in Frozen Cherries, a mixed tournament with 20 some odd teams participating host in Utrecht, Netherlands. Most of the teams were from the area and brought tents to sleep in, but the Danes (that’s us) didn’t have the space to haul gear across the continent. Instead we were offered the locker rooms as a place to lay our weary heads. Ali and I were the first to get there as everyone else drove 8 hours to arrive by car (including the folks who were lending us sleeping bags). Ali and I decided we were going to take what we had and try to sleep until the rest of the crew arrived because we were dead tired. If you don’t recognize me below, I’m the second bundle.Even though the team didn’t end up arriving until 2 am, we had first game the next morning so we were all up and at ’em stretching and getting ready to play some great Ultimate. We played four games that day, winning the first, losing the second, winning the third and losing the last. In between games we spent time eating, talking and hydrating for the next game. The weather was pretty good to us, with only a few moments of brief rain. Clouds actually make it easier to see (no sun glare) so I think we got lucky.The tournament was themed little kid, so the coordinators went all out with the decorations and activities. They gave each team a goodie bag with bubbles and glitter tattoos and had speakers that played Rugrats, Spongebob, and Pink Panther at the beginning and the end of every game. Once we had finished playing for the day and eaten dinner they also threw a huge party. If you were lucky you got to go into the “special” room and hang out in a pit of stuffed animals.The food at this tournament was also pretty excellent. They always had a huge spread for breakfast with bread, jam, cheese, lunch meat, cereal and plenty of fruit to go around. Later after dinner for dessert they cut up a bunch of pound cake and had whipped cream and sprinkles and these little mini cookies that I LOVED. I literally ate so many of these dang cookies. They tasted like gingerbread (which is my favorite) and were just so eatable. The Dutch also have this very common toast topping called Ulokken. Basically they’re chocolate sprinkles, but the intention is that you butter your morning toast and then put these little guys all over. It’s a bit messy to create, but really fun to eat.After we had gotten our fill for dinner the team spent some time hanging out. Ali was turning 21 and we heard the Danish birthday song. The birthday person picks three instruments and these instruments come into play (hah, get it?) in between each round of the singing. The whole thing is very loud and drawn out and really just fun. The little kid spirit continued on as you can see in the image below.  The sunset also happened to be beautiful that night #blessed #nevergrowup.The next day looked much like the first, but we played three games instead of four. We also were moving a lot slower due to the soreness from the day before. It was a lot sunnier and we ended up taking home all three wins. That put us in ninth place overall. We had lost an important game the day before which put us in the loser’s bracket and we placed the highest we could. Even so, the team had a kickbutt time and left with smiles on our faces. Mary and I even got to show the Danes the Soljaboi! All in all another weekend I am glad to got to live out.Now watch YOUUU! Until next time, God Bless yall.


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