Barcelona, Spain

SPRANG BREAK! Or as they call it here in Denmark: Easter Holiday. That time of the year when you get to ignore the looming finals and kick back for a week. Or if you’re like me you decide to run away with a bunch of other Americans to Spain.

Let me preface the rest of this post with a little bit about what’s currently going on (seeing as these pictures were taken 3 weeks ago). Basically this entire university is in crunch time for finals. At DTU nearly 100% of your grade is based off one final or paper or project. So like a good student I’m following along and have basically spent the last two weeks in lock down mode. This is a formal apology for the lack of blog posts now and to come (at least until finals are over). I’m going to supplement the usual blog posts content with a buttload of pictures and some quick facts, so hopefully that suffices šŸ˜€ God bless yall in advance!

  • Stayed on a boat
  • Didn’t shower for 3 days
  • Saw the gothic quarters and ate lunch at a place where they microwaved our food in front of us.
  • Walked around and headed to the beach. Ate dinner at a restaurant in the mall near our accomedations.
  • Turns out Tapas really aren’t all that great and I definitely thought they were little tacos.
  • Next morning we dropped the Alex and PatrickĀ off at the soccer stadium and then headed to the beach. Ross got sun burnt.
  • Went and saw La Sagrada Familia, definitely my favorite cathedral so far. We even got to stay for some of the mass in Catalan (the local language)
  • I learned that I am terrible at bargaining. I just can’t be cut throat when it comes to saving a few dollars.
  • Less touristy parts of Barcelona (and most of Spain) shut down for a period of the day after lunch for an afternoon siesta.

Patrick and I got Paella, a traditional Spanish dish of rice and fish. I went for the chicken, but we decided afterward we really should’ve shared.


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