Milan, Italy: Day 2

Did you know that in Italy, Andrea is actually an incredibly common name? Did you also know that when an Italian is named Andrea they are usually male? Me neither! Joke’s still on me though because apparently the name derives from the Greek word anēr which literally means “manly”. Good on you Italians, you got me.

Names aside, Ali and I got up decently early because we wanted to ensure we were the first in line to see the Duomo, the huge cathedral I mentioned in my last post. When we had casually strolled through the square the day before, the line was 4 people thick and snaked it’s way along the side of the church. We decided to sacrifice time in bed to save the time in line.

Side note: If you’ve ever traveled in Europe, chances are you’ve stayed in a hostel. You know that you may or may not get breakfast, may or may not end up with loud roommates, and may or may not find toilet paper in the bathroom. Fortunately, nearly all of my hostel experiences have been positive. The Koala Hostel being one of them. The front desk agents spoke varying degrees of English, but were always helpful, and the breakfast was pretty decent with plenty of little toasts and different kinds of cereal.

Fast forward the 30 minute walk and Ali and I were in the square. Just as we predicted, many tourists in Italy do not like to get up early and we breezed our way past the ticket gate and into this breathtakingly beautiful structure. This cathedral may or may not hold my record for most impressive building with it’s crazy high ceilings and copious amounts of stained glass. Ali and I paid the extra bit to walk ourselves to the top as well as get a glimpse at the archeological digs beneath the church.


Underneath the church the church is in the process of excavating the church that was on the grounds before it. This apparently used to be the baptism pool.

The hike to the top wasn’t too intense for experienced travelers like us, but wow was it cool. The intricacies of this church only continue as you weave your way through these detailed columns to get a view of Milan.

Yeah, we’re pretty cute.

I rocked this cracker jack shirt the whole day and didn’t even care that it clearly makes me out to be an American.

After we had seen all there was at the church we made our way back to the park we had been relaxing in the day before. Ali and I both loved all that was going on, from slack liners to football players to couples showing a little too much PDA to dogs everywhere (and I mean everywhere) there was enough people watching and enough sunshine to keep us happy for the next couple hours. Of course I had to get some gelato too.We had a plane to catch that night, so we headed back to grab our things. Over the 2 days I think we logged over 25 walking miles. 1/2 of one of those was a running mile because we realized our bus to the airport was farther than we thought. This semester has brought plenty of  “Oh Crap” moments, mostly having to do with nearly missed transportation. Low and behold, we did make it and we slept our way to the airport. Next stop, The Netherlands. Until next time, enjoy this street sign. Got to love Italy. God bless yall 🙂img_3205


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